Providing our NZDF community with spiritual support and guidance.

What is a Chaplain?

“I would as soon think of going into battle without my artillery as without my chaplains”

Chaplaincy is centred on providing our NZDF community with spiritual support and guidance. Chaplains aim to support units, camps and bases through a spiritual and pastoral approach to create positive changes within the wellness and culture of our people. Chaplains come from a range of backgrounds, faith groups and cultures. They will work with you to find the right fit of support for you and your whānau. You do not need to have a religious background to seek Chaplaincy support. Chaplaincy support is available to military personnel, including reservists, our civilian members as well as their family/whānau.

What is our role?

We have over 30 Chaplains within NZDF working both full and part time, all serving within the Navy, Army and Air Force. Chaplains provide spiritual and pastoral care as well as religious and educational services for all NZDF personnel and their whānau.

Below are some services Chaplains provide-

  • Pastoral Care and Counselling
  • Individual and family welfare support
  • Visitation of workplaces, medical facilities, and places of detention
  • Liaison with Commanders and staff, other NZDF support agencies, welfare agencies, and referrals to external providers.
  • Advising Command on matters affecting spiritual, moral, and welfare needs of personnel and their families
  • Providing pastoral care and support following critical incidents
  • Providing assistance in matters relating to deployment, supporting families during deployments, and assisting with post deployment reintegration.

Who do we help?

Chaplaincy support is available 24/7 to all military personnel, including reservists, our civilian members and their family/whānau.

Chaplains provide support to those within New Zealand as well as those NZDF personnel or whānau who are overseas.

What can we help with?

Chaplains can support both on Camps/Bases and on deployments with a range of support services including-

  • Wairua/Spiritual support, both publicly and privately, at every level of the NZDF
  • Pastoral care at home and abroad dealing with issues including relationships, parenting addictions, mental health, anxiety, finances and career issues.  
  • Moral guidance through formal teaching, counsel, and personal example.
  • Relationship guidance and input into NZDF Recognised Relationship applications.
  • Regular Services at chapels across NZDF camps and bases.
  • Educational services including moral and ethical training and chaplaincy based seminars
  • Commemorative duties (such as Anzac Day), ceremonial, weddings, and other church services such as baptisms and funerals.
  • Blessings, cleansings/tapu lifting and unveilings.
  • Grief Counselling
  • Assertion/Self Confidence/Self Esteem
  • Communication Skills
  • Support in disciplinary/anti-harassment processes
  • Mediation/advocacy

How can I get in touch with my local NZDF Chaplain?

You can contact the Chaplains for each camp and base directly.

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