Community facilitators
Kaikōtui hapori

Change can be challenging, whether you are new to NZDF or moving locations. Most external communities have great local Facebook pages that can be a useful source for local information from schools to enrolling with a new Doctor. If you would like some guidance on your new location, the camp or base Defence Community Facilitator (DCF) or Naval Community Organisation (NCO) can provide some help.

The NZDF is dedicated to making you feel welcomed and at home through supporting partners, and immediate whānau of our defence personnel. For without you our people wouldn't be who they are.

What is community support?

As whānau you can experience many challenges as part of adjusting to military life. These can include posting and relocations, connecting with local services both internal and external and making new social connections around you. At times this can be very isolating, especially when you've left somewhere you felt settled. Our role as DCFs and at the NCO is to provide information to make this transition easier for you and the rest of your whānau, as well as introduce to you the many events and opportunities within your new region.

The NZDF community support team is made up of both Defence Community Facilitators and Naval Community Organisation. These individuals work across all three services of NZDF to make the challenges of adjusting to military life that bit easier.  

Who do we help?

Our community support team members are available to all military personnel, full-time civilians and immediate family/whānau members.

What can we help with?

Our Defence Community Facilitators and Naval Community Organisation are available to support and connect NZDF personnel and their whānau into local services and NZDF-organised events.

Here are some examples of the work our community support team do.

  • Coordinate local community activities and events throughout the year, including family events and social activities to connect whānau.
  • Information about what is happening at your camp/base, including events, services and resources.
  • Can help to connect you with other NZDF family members in the area. 
  • Can assist with family or community concerns and are able to refer to local services, outside agencies or health professionals as required.

Additional support and guidance from our community support team can vary between locations.

For more information on what services each camp/base can help you with, contact your local community support team member using the information below.