Complex Care Coordinator
Kaitui Tiakinga Rarahi

Providing support to serving NZDF personnel with complex health needs.

Our role

A Complex Care Coordinator (CCC) is responsible for facilitating the care of serving NZDF personnel with complex health needs.

Complex care encompasses situations where the non-clinical demands of a case involve multiple internal and or external stakeholders. Complex care is inclusive of physical and psychological illness or injury and can include the coordination of care in acute, chronic or palliative conditions.

With emphasis on a person-centred holistic and collaborative partnership, using the model within the Te Whare Tapa Wha framework, their role is to ensure a person is effectively supported throughout their recovery, rehabilitation, and either their return to duty / full work tasks, or transition from the NZDF.

The coordinator assesses, plans, implements, monitors, and if required evaluates health-care options and services that meet the requirements of the individual within the context of their complex health needs and role within NZDF.

Who we help

We support serving NZDF personnel.

How we can help

  • Coordinate assistance, support and guidance during recovery and rehabilitation
  • Ensure personnel are effectively receiving clear and coordinated support tailored to their needs e.g. rehabilitation pathway and recovery plan
  • Provide advice, information, and appropriate referrals
  • Inform about the support and services available

How do I get help from a Complex Care Coordinator?

Referral to a CCC can be from:

Resources and external providers