Defence Health Centre
Whare Hauora Ope Kātua

Delivering primary healthcare for the NZDF.

How can the Defence Health Centre help you?

A Defence Health Centre (DHC) provides comprehensive primary health care for all NZDF Serving members. The DHC should be your first point of contact with the NZDF health system. They are responsible for delivering your healthcare, referral and pharmaceutical support.

You can get in touch with your nearest DHC by calling the NZDF Health line - dial 0800 268 437 and follow the prompts to be connected to your DHC.

DHC support services

  • Primary health and inpatient services (including common illness, health advice, and immunisations)
  • Evacuation and medical transportation
  • Health intelligence and preventive health
  • Occupational health monitoring and advice
  • Health monitoring, guidance, command and leadership
  • Promote self-care, aimed at preventing and managing illness, injury and disease.

Trauma and emergency management is offered at most DHC's. Initial care provided prior to external civilian health provider take over, both domestically in camp and on exercise in NZ.

The DHC provides support for active serving members of the NZDF and Reserve force personnel on active duty. Service persons are discouraged from seeking consultations with non-NZDF primary health care providers unless authorised to do so or in an emergency. 

NZDF civilians are able to access Defence Health services in the event of a health emergency.

Defence health centres will not treat spouses and whanau of service personnel unless authorised to do so in an emergency.

After hours access to health care

For accident and medical emergencies, dial 111 for an ambulance or attend your nearest emergency department.

For all non-urgent medical advice please phone Health line on 0800 611 116.

For Covid19 related advice please phone Covid19 Health line 0800 358 5453.

For acute illness or injury requiring urgent attention, after hours medical services can be accessed at an after hours health centre nearest your home location.

Every DHC provides after hours medical support via their duty medic.

Is it confidential?

Yes. All appointments are confidential.

Do I need to tell my manager/commander about accessing the DHC?

Military personnel do not need to disclose to their manager about accessing the DHC. DHC's offer medical aid in confidence for all personnel.