Training & Rehabilitation
Whakangungu & Whakaoranga

Exercise and physical activity are key drivers of overall health and wellbeing. Operational readiness and lifelong wellness rely on achieving a healthy balance of physical activity, nutrition, sleep, and stress.

Cardiovascular endurance

Learn how to optimise your training and increase endurance, strength and recover faster.

Resistance training and physical conditioning

Learn the guiding principles to improve your overall strength and conditioning.

Mobility and stability training

Learn the benefits of improving your flexibility, mobility, balance and stability.

Injury rehabilitation

The NZDF will provide you the support and resources required to facilitate your rehabilitation.

Pre & Post-Natal Training

Supporting safe and effective training during pregnancy and after delivery.

Injury prevention & recovery

Develop training habits and learn the latest techniques to reduce your risk of injury and enhance your training.

Physical training

Physical training is a key element in achieving and maintaining a high standard of athletic or military performance.

Example Workouts

A collection of workouts everyone can do.