Devonport Naval Base - Devonport Fleet Gymnasium

The Fleet Gymnasium and its staff supports the physical training for all service personnel on base and posted to ship. The gym facility is open for all military and civilian employers including their family.


Gymnasium details

Hours 5 a.m. - 10 p.m. 7 days
Phone 09 445 5554
Location North Yard

Gym bookings

Contact the gymnasium staff for details about booking the gym facilities. Please note formal training takes precedent and bookings may be cancelled if required to accommodate priority training sessions.

Physical Training Support

Navy Physical Training Instructors (PTI) have an array of skills to help individuals and collective groups with their physical health and wellbeing in various environments on land and at sea.

Group Fitness Classes 

A variety of classes throughout the week ranging from formal training to lunchtime circuits. Classes do vary from week to week and formal training does take priority of facilities. For more information about bookings, contact the Fleet Gym Staff.

Individual Training Programmes

Individualised programmes can be provided from a PTI to help assist you in your specific training goals. Whether you want to improve your general fitness, a specific training component such as strength or endurance, or have a targeted event in mind.

Exercise Rehabilitation 

If injured, The Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor will work with you in conjunction with the Physiotherapist to ensure you get back to training as quick as possible. Patients will be given the time and support to rehabilitate your injury back to full fitness as well as maintaining overall fitness where possible.   

Recreational Training and Sports 

A variety of sports tournaments are conducted throughout the year, as well as periodic recreational events on base.

Strength and Conditioning

The Gymnasium provides the equipment and resources to train specific for your specific goals. PTI’s can provide guidance on training advice and technique where required.

Injury Management and Prevention 

At times, injury may occur due to the nature of sports or military training. PTIs can provide advice around injury prevention or concerns you may have, or direct you to the Physiotherapist for treatment and management.

Camp Fitness Classes 

Camp fitness classes are open to all NZDF serving, reserve and civilian staff members.

Fit for Life - These classes are designed for personnel who are currently out of date for operational service and need to pass their fitness test. 

Circuits - Lunchtime Circuit sessions provide variety to training through a mixture of strength and cardio based activities to improve fitness. Tue & Thu, 1100 & 1200.  Wed & Fri 0630.

Spin - This class is a cycle session utilising the spin bikes and music to change intensities and resistance throughout the workout.

Fitness Testing

Fleet MSFT Fitness Testing: Tue and Wed 0800. Other fitness tests by appointment.  If you have any queries regarding Navy Fitness Testing protocol or wish to conduct another service fitness test, email the Fleet Gym

Run Routes

Devonport and its surrounding area has some great lookouts over the Hauraki Gulf. Below are some run routes to follow next time you head out for a run or ride.

Road Run  - 8.4 km

Cross Country - 12.8 km

Twin Peaks - 7.0 km

The Beach Run - 11.2 km


The main gymnasium has a basketball court sized floor, suitable for basketball, volleyball, badminton and netball. The weight room is at the end of the gym floor with a range or equipment from lifting platforms, free and machine weights, cardio machines and floor space for stretching, warming up and core work. The Gymnasium also provides large changing rooms with showers and toilets for personnel.

Weight room facilities offer free and machine weights, cardio equipment and a stretch area.
The main gymnasium floor is an internationally sized basketball court, which also accommodates netball, volleyball and badminton.