Devonport Naval Base - Devonport Social Worker

Providing support and intervention for military personnel, civilians and their whānau/families in Devonport.

Defence Force social workers


Hours 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday - Friday
Phone 0800 NAVY HELP & 021 908 655
Location Top of Monowai Hill

Social & Family Support

Two Social Workers are located in the Navy Community Office. They are tertiary qualified, have extensive community experience and belong to professional bodies that monitor their competence. They offer a confidential service for service personnel, their families and civilian staff. They recognise that although members of the Naval Community experience issues which are similar to those in wider society, the military environment also brings unique pressures and challenges.
Social Workers are employed to assist their clients to develop strategies to overcome challenges such as personal and family issues, substance misuse, budget advice, postings, and handling of sensitive information.
Bookings - Social workers are available during business hours on 09 445 5534 or after hours you can call 0800 NZDF4U for a confidential 24/7 helpline service run by trained health professionals.
For more information on NZDF Social Workers refer here.

Family Support Worker

The Family Support Worker (FSW) is part of the Social Worker team. The FSW provides assistance and advice for all Naval families. This service is free and confidential, and designed to both integrate Naval families into the wider community and provide a specialist degree of support for the unique challenges Naval life brings our families. 

The FSW can provide respite care to parents with preschool children, and priority bookings will be given for families with a service member who is deployed or posted away from home. The FSW has an extensive knowledge of community networks and experience working with young children.

Bookings - Bookings can be made through NCO reception on 0800 NAVY HELP or 09 445 5534. The FSW is available Monday to Friday during business hours.