Resilience self-assessment

Complete and score the assessment below to accurately determine your current resilience levels. This will help you to identify areas you could focus on that will help you through change.

Assess yourself

1. I approach new situations with enthusiasm.
2. I enjoy achieving the goals I have set.
3. I can apply the organisation's values in my work.
4. I express my feelings appropriately.
5. I enjoy learning new things.
6. I take responsibility for my results.
7. I ask for support when I need it.
8. I recognise when I am stressed.
9. I believe I can influence the direction I take in life.
10. I actively maintain contact with others.
11. I eat a well-balanced, healthy diet.
12. I take time out for myself when needed.
13. I think challenges offer me some lessons.
14. I know my own strengths & weaknesses.
15. I know how to relax under pressure.
16. I have a positive view of my future.
17. I have a plan for my work tasks.
18. I keep myself physically fit.
19. I am able to retain a positive outlook during change.
20. I know what the purpose of my job is.
21. I build strong networks.
22. I am realistic about what is possible.
23. I show empathy to others’ difficulties and concerns.
24. I have a strong set of beliefs that I follow.
25. I am generally optimistic.
26. I bounce back from difficulties.
27. I act when opportunities arise.
28. I act decisively when things are not working.
29. I undertake activities outside work for my own enjoyment.
30. I organise my time and prioritise tasks.