Test and adjust
Whakamātauria ka whakatika ake

Once you have put some plans into place and tried some actions it is important to check in with how you are going.  Are you noticing positive changes?

If you are noticing positive changes and are comfortable with how you are going then keep up the great work!  If you are not feeling like you are making progress, or new challenges have come along, then it is time to regroup or review your action plan. Sometimes we forget how we were a few months ago and it may be helpful to redo or take some of the self checks to see how you are tracking and to help you to test and adjust.

If you have tried some things and these haven’t worked, or you continue to be worried about someone else, consider reaching out to a friend or professional support for a helping hand. When you are in the thick of things sometimes it is hard to navigate through on your own and there is lots of support available to help you get back on track.