Social & family

NZDF promotes and values the importance of Kaitoko Whānau - to support our family. NZDF health endeavours to reach our community to provide the services, resources and communication required to keep our families safe, informed and supported.
  • Keeping whānau safe

    NZDF promotes and supports the safe whānau approach so all members in our whānau can thrive and flourish.
  • Healthy relationships

    Learning how to build healthy relationships that last.
  • Relationship coaching tools

    Practical tools for you to use and keep in your wellbeing kete that support a healthy relationship.
  • Keeping connected

    Being connected to others socially is an important human need and is vital to our well-being.
  • Positive parenting

    Learning methods of parenting that empower you to connect with your children and reinforce the behaviors you want to see.
  • Managing time apart

    Learn tips and tools to help manage separation better.
  • Sole parenting

    Learn about the services and resources available to you to support your parenting.
  • Children and military life

    Learn how the NZDF can support our children when facing the unique challenges of military life.
  • Posting and transitions

    Navigating the unique challenges military personnel and their families face when posting.
  • Sex, consent and relationships

    Seeking to change cultural attitudes and norms around sexuality, and promote sex positive conversations through open discussions around sex, sexuality and consent.
  • Too much time online

    Learn to notice the signs when you or someone close to you is being effected by their time online.