About your service providers
Mō ngā kaituku ratonga

NZDF provides a wide range of physical and psycho-social support providers to ensure our personnel and their families are taken care of.

We all have times when life can get on top of us. Sometimes it’s work, it might be our relationships, financial hardship, our health or perhaps we’re feeling a bit low and disconnected from ourselves or others. Reaching out for help can be hard but at some point everyone needs a helping hand.

NZDF has a range of support services available to you which, in partnership with third party providers, aims to empower you to seek help whenever you need it.

Internal services are fully funded to military personnel and many are also available free to Defence civilians, whānau and retired members, along with links to broader community support and public health services.

Our Specialist Military support services are available specifically to our Regular Force, these include our healthcare providers such as Defence GPs, Dental services and rehabilitation centres.

We also have NZDF community wellbeing support. These support services are not only available to our Regular Force but our civilians, Veterans, Reservists and our family/whānau.

We understand that there might be a range of reasons why you don’t wish to seek support through internal services and we want you to feel comfortable to do what is best for your wellbeing and journey to recovery. If you are in need of immediate support our Get Help now section provides contact details for both internal and external wellbeing intervention services. Our Your Health section also covers a wide range of topics across all domains of Te Whare Tapa Whā and connects you with both internal and external services and resources so you can find what feels right to you.