Anti-Harassment Advisor
Kaitohutohu Ārai Whakatīwheta

Members of the NZDF (military and civilian) are actively encouraged by the NZDF to directly seek out an Anti-Harassment Adviser (AHA) if they have experienced any act of harassment or discrimination in the workplace.

How an AHA can help you

What is an Anti-Harassment adviser?

What is an Anti-Harassment adviser?

Anti-Harassment advisers provide a support channel for all members of the NZDF to seek confidential guidance and support when needed, without having to go through the member’s commander/manager. They play an important role in providing support to member’s of the NZDF to feel confident about seeking help and advise on options available to them.

AHA's are current NZDF members who volunteer to be an AHA. They receive training and attend regular refresher courses to ensure that they are well informed on how to deal with harassment problems.

Who do AHA’s help?

Any staff member of the NZDF – Regular Force, Reserve Force and civilian staff.

How do AHA’s help?

AHA's provide an independent and non-threatening avenue to seek help and support. An AHA will not judge you or your situation and will ensure that matters are handled with total confidentiality.

How do I contact an AHA?

If you are being harassed in the workplace you can contact an AHA directly for confidential support. You can find a list of AHA’s on the Defence ILP site, the HR Toolkit or at your local Defence Community Facilitator.

Is it confidential?

Your AHA will complete an NZDF Harassment and Discrimination Report form for each person seen in relation to each harassment or discrimination issue. This is then submitted directly to a confidential email address accessed by a limited number of HR staff.