Defence Dental Centre
Whare Hauora Niho

Defence Dental Centres (DDC) provide comprehensive dental care for all Regular Force personnel (and Reserve Force on active duty). The DDC is your first point of contact within the NZDF for all your oral health needs.

NZDF Dental Service

How we can help

  • Oral health examination (check-up)
  • X-rays 
  • Preventative care to help you in preventing dental decay and poor gum health
  • Fillings and restorative treatment
  • All accident related care in partnership with ACC and AEP
  • Root canal treatment
  • Gum treatment and hygiene appointments
  • Simple extractions
  • Crowns, bridges and partial dentures to fill gaps if required
  • Implants (if it meets NZDF criteria)
  • Oral Surgery including sedation
  • Biopsies if required

The DDC does not provide cosmetic dentistry, tooth bleaching or orthodontic work (braces).

Operational dental status

Operational status is an indication of the ability of an NZDF member to be deployed on operations. The categories of operational oral health status are deployable and non-deployable (dependent on operational risk status).

Deployable: Indicates that the individual is deployable without restriction.

Non-deployable: Indicates that the individual is recommended as non-deployable due to the risk of the individual becoming an oral health emergency within twelve months. Operational requirements and/or the presence of operational oral health support may override this dental recommendation.

In general terms oral health fitness is a state of oral health which once attained and maintained ensures that service personnel are fit to carry out all military duties without loss of time or effectiveness attributed to oral health causes. You will be classified as one of four categories as explained in the table below.

You are able to view your dental fitness grading by logging into Employee Self-Service (ESS), selecting Employee services Area, and electing Fitness and Medical Related Data. (Full instructions on the ILP)

Oral Health Deployment Status

Category 1Category 2Category 3Category 4
Optimal Oral HealthAdequate Oral HealthProbable Risk of Oral Health problem - Requires careUndetermined Oral Health
Recall 12-24 monthsMay require care but stable - Recall 12 monthsMust be seenNot been examined
The individual is free of active and progressive oral diseases and free from oral pain. Additional treatment, other than routine preventive care, is not required. The risk of a dental emergency within the next twelve months is low.The individual may require dental treatment but has a stable oral health condition, which is unlikely to result in a dental emergency within twelve months.The individual requires treatment to correct an oral health condition that is likely to cause a dental emergency within twelve months. If their disease risk is moderate the recall is at six months. The individual is not recommended for operations (non-deployable) unless the deployable location is in a region with ready access to dental services and are only deployable for up to 6 months.The individual has either not been examined within the prescribed recall interval or the individual has no oral health / dental record or an incomplete record. The individual requires an oral and / or radiographic panoramic examination to determine their class and to update or create their oral health record.

After hours care

The Defence Dental Centres do not provide after-hours oral health care. Defence Regular Force personnel requiring urgent or emergency after hours oral health care are to contact the DDC after hours duty person as detailed on the location finder below. They will advise you of your nearest civilian dental practice for care. For further policy guidance and information check the internal defence intranet (DIXS).


Defence Regular Force personnel, having received urgent/emergency dental treatment, are entitled to reimbursement by submitting an MD990 or E Travel reimbursement request to their Defence Dental Centre. Requests for reimbursement will only be approved when supported by payment receipts and a copy of treatment notes and radiographs. If submitting by E Travel, dental notes and x rays are to be given to the Dental Centre. Only emergency dental treatment will be reimbursed.

What you need to know if you are posting

Postings General

If you are posted within NZ you will have your posting location and unit updated on the NZDF HR system. In turn this will update your dental patient records with your new posting unit and location and you will be reassigned a new dental centre.

Postings Overseas

If you are posted overseas please contact your Defence Dental Centre to make an appointment to receive information on your overseas dental care provisions for you and your accompanying dependents. Dependents posting forms for you and your dependents are required to be completed. Forms are located on the ILP.