Social worker
Kaimahi hapori

NZDF Social Work Services are here to support our NZDF community. Military Social Work provides support and intervention to military personnel, civilians and their whānau/families.

How a social worker can help you

What is Social Work? 

Social work is all about helping people develop strategies that work for them to overcome challenges or problems. Social work also identifies what social issues are occurring at a community or population level and develops strategies to prevent or reduce the causes of these issues. Social workers are experienced at early detection of issues and building programmes or interventions that target prevention of social harm.

Who do we help?

Social Workers meet with defence individuals (military and civilian), their spouse and families.

What can we help with?

  • Support and advocacy
  • Health concerns
  • Career/Work concerns
  • Assisting you and your whānau/family with personal goals including parenting, communication skills, & relationships 
  • Budgeting information or support
  • Alcohol and Drug Issues | Anxiety, Self-Esteem and Confidence | Gambling or Addiction | Mental Health | Sexuality/Gender Identity 
  • Family/Whānau support during crises including grief, loss & family violence
  • Service changes or challenges like posting or relocation concerns, housing issues, deployment, career or work concerns
  • Cultural support

How can I get in touch with a social worker?

You can contact the Social Worker directly by phone or dropping into their office:

Who else can refer you to the Social Work Service?

Referrals can also be made by other health professionals for example:

  • Anyone in the Wellness Team – such as Chaplains/Recovery Coordinators, NZDF Nurses, NZDF Organisational Psychologists.
  • Your commander or manager may also refer you to a Social Worker.
  • External agencies that have engaged with NZDF personnel and believe that support can best be provided by an NZDF Social Worker.

Is it confidential?

Social workers are Registered Health Professionals and abide by strict confidentality protocols. In some situations the social worker may be working alongside other Health Professionals such as Medical Officers, Nurses, Psychologists and Medics, providing confidential support.