Nutrition planning

Planning is key to successfully nourishing your body. The more you plan and manage your nutrition, the more your success is guaranteed.

Fuelling your body

Fuelling your body with good nutrients makes everything else easier, but we often don’t prioritise the time we need to do this, instead relying on grab-and-go options because we haven’t thought about (or properly prepared) what we are going to eat later on.

While we might think we don’t have the time, or it seems like an expensive grocery shop when we do plan in advance, this is a false economy.

Time spent planning:

  • Reduces decision burden during the week, so you’re not left trying to decide what to eat.
  • Reduces time spent in the supermarket, and spending more money than you would otherwise (especially if you go to the store hungry)
  • Reduces the likelihood of having to buy ready-made meals or takeaways because you haven’t organised lunch/dinner etc.
  • Allows you to know what you are fuelling your body with. 

The plan

  1. Allocate a shop and cook day. Plan in advance when to shop and prepare food. Allow 1-2 hours. Often Sunday is a good time to prepare for the upcoming week.
  2. Choose your protein. Plan a variety of options to allow for a range of nutrients (and don’t forget breakfast).
  3. Choose sides. What is going to accompany the protein source? What vegetables and or salads? What are the family favourites?
  4. Choose extras.What additional items do you need to prepare in order to be organised (i.e. snacks, dressings etc?). Have you got events on, sports days etc.

Tip. To save time cook extra dinner to meal prep leftovers for lunch the next day.

The shop

Check your pantry for items you have and items you need (spices, oils, etc). 

Shopping List. Write a shopping list for the rest of the items, separating it into different sections of the supermarket (fruits and vegetables, meats, canned items, pantry items) to make it easier when you are there to get around the supermarket quickly.

Handy tips
Don’t go to the supermarket hungry, as other items can appear in your supermarket trolley you wouldn’t otherwise buy. 

Buy seasonally when you can.

Make sure your kitchen space is clutter free and clean, wash hands and have containers clean and ready. Take out ingredients that you are preparing and kitchen implements that you will need.

Take a look at the videos below for food preparation ideas. 


Simple meal ideas

  • Fresh, fast, fit breakfast: Tex-mex omelet & breakfast wrap
  • Fresh, fast, fit lunch: Sweet Thai chili chicken salad
  • Fresh, fast, fit dinner: Buffalo chicken & cauliflower